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League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters of Snohomish County hosted a Congressional candidate forum on Tuesday October 11th, 2016, at Edmonds Community College. Robert Sutherland was present to answer questions alongside incumbent Suzan DelBene. The evening included the Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives in Districts 1, 2, and 7. Congressional District 1: Suzan DelBene Robert … Continue reading League of Women Voters Candidate Forum »

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The National Anthem

At professional football games, some players are kneeling during the national anthem. I know they’re thinking about problems with life in America. Here’s something else to think about. At dawn, on October 14, 1943, in foul weather, almost 3,000 men of the United States 8th Army Air Force climbed aboard 291 B-17 bombers, and flew … Continue reading The National Anthem »

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A New Tax for Every Mile You Drive

In an interview with the Seattle Times on June 29th, 2016 Representative DelBene stated she favors a regressive tax-per- mile scheme that will add to our taxes and reduce the incentives to drive high mileage vehicles because every type of vehicle would be taxed per mile driven. Thus, going to work, daycare, and the grocery … Continue reading A New Tax for Every Mile You Drive »

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Cascade Mall

We will always remember Friday, September 23, as the day a man entered the Cascade Mall with a rifle and killed five people.Within a few minutes of the shootings, dozens of police officers from throughout the area were on the job. The 911 dispatchers were busy. People living near the mall called the police if … Continue reading Cascade Mall »

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Building Serenity

I would like to commend Arleene Gibson for her tremendous vision for the Horses Healing Heroes Project (H3). Groups from the community showed up with their tools and their energy and together they built cabins to house U.S. military veterans as they benefit from Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy. This is America at its finest.  Americans don’t wait … Continue reading Building Serenity »

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Border Security

In 2015, Kate Steinle, a young woman taking an evening walk with her father, was shot to death in San Francisco by a man who was not in this country legally. He was a seven-time convicted felon and had been deported five times.The Kate Steinle case is not an isolated incident. In January 2015, the … Continue reading Border Security »

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Canadians wanting to scrap their govt's carbon tax. Right on. ... See MoreSee Less

Get a load of this hypocrisy from the Alberta government. They're telling taxpayers to change their driving habits to avoid the carbon tax, while making those same taxpayers pay for government ministers' and bureaucrats' pick-up trucks and luxury SUVs -- plus the gas! SHARE this video by CTF Alberta Director Paige MacPherson and join our fight at

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At first glance, I like this idea. Let the States help the Fed's secure our borders. ... See MoreSee Less

Trey Gowdy is getting down to business when it comes to America's immigration laws, and he's just made a HUGE announcement. Do you support what 'Bulldog' Gowdy is doing?

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Where are our Christian ministers today? Silent behind their 501(c) 3 tax exempt status. Perhaps it's time to pay Cesar his due and cut the chains that bind the word of free men. ... See MoreSee Less

"I may not get there with you. But we, as a people, will get to the promised land!" He was shot the next day. Video by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more.

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I'm starting to like Ben Swann for his unbiased and in-depth analysis of various political topics. ... See MoreSee Less

Reality Check: Why Media's Claims That the "Alt Right" are all White Supremacists is Wrong. Plus, why the Attacks on Stephen Bannon aren't Actually Based on His Words.

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It's not about race, or "racism", it's about the rule of law. ... See MoreSee Less

Think illegal immigration is a victimless crime? If you're ready for the truth, watch this video about Shayley.

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